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Mirriad Press

Read the latest press articles about Mirriad's work in the in-content and virtual product placement space.

Amagi integrates Mirriad AI tech for dynamic virtual product placement

Mirriad is teaming up with Amagi on a technical integration that leverages AI to serve dynamic virtual product placements (VPP) to content owners. Amagi is integrating Mirriad AI technology, with the new capability made available to “hundreds of content owners” across Amagi’s ecosystem to monetize t...

Vince Amalfi Joins Mirriad as VP of Sales & Brand Partnerships

Recently, Vince Amalfi joined Mirriad as VP of Sales & Brand Partnerships.

Mirriad Announces New Partnership with The Shade Room

Mirriad is proud to be partnered with The Shade Room, a highly influential media brand. The Shade Room combines quality content and valuable audiences, a major draw for brand advertisers. The Shade Room is the leading multi-platform media publisher reaching 40M+ loyal followers across platforms, ran...

Mirriad Helps Lexus Drive Brand Awareness Among Multicultural Audiences

We recently partnered with Sony Music Latin to insert Lexus signage into the music video for a prominent Latin artist’s latest single. The video features creative from the Shine Your Way Everyday campaign, Lexus’ in-market campaign targeted toward LGBTQIA+ audiences.

In-Content Ads By Mirriad Better Than Spots, Says Kantar

We worked on a study with Kantar, implementing in-content ads for top advertisers. The study, which looked at multiple campaigns, found that adding virtual product placement made the advertiser’s commercials more effective.

Streaming Video Sites Open a Whole New World For Virtual Product Placement

In-content advertising offers many advantages over traditional product placement. Virtual ads can be less expensive, reduce long lead times, and give advertisers more control. This allows marketers to run their media during their campaign flights—when they’re looking to deliver sales results.

Maria Teresa Hernandez Named Head of Multicultural Marketplace & SVP, Brand Partnerships

Maria Teresa Hernandez is our Head of Multicultural Marketplace & SVP of Brand Partnerships. In her role, Maria has a dual focus, creating virtually inserted advertising campaigns in TV, Streaming, Digital, and Music content for the world’s top brands while expanding the company’s multicultural in-c...

Mirriad Partners with Influential to Launch Superimposed Image and Video Capability on Social Media

Mirriad partnered with Influential, a leading influencer marketing company, to launch the first-ever superimposed image and video capability on social media.